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See Here for the Install Guide

You can also reach out to the community if you need help.

What is Routernetes?

Routernetes is software that can turn your computer into a router. It is made up of the following components:

  • Fedora CoreOS
    • Fedora CoreOS is an automatically updating, minimal operating system for running containerized workloads. Once it is installed, you never need to update it manually. It updates itself during scheduled weekly maintenance windows. This is the operating system used by Routernetes.
  • k3s
    • k3s is lightweight Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a system for automating software deployments. Routernetes uses the Kubernetes API to configure the underlying Linux system and turn it into a router. k3s is also configured for automatic updates.
  • Routernetes Operator
    • Operators are software packages that extend the Kubernetes API. The Routernetes Operator creates a new type of Kubernetes resource (called a Router). This allows you to turn your computer into a router using just the Kubernetes API. The Routernetes Operator is also configured for automatic updates via the OperatorHub

How does it work?

When you install Routernetes, it comes bundled with k3s and the Routernetes Operator. The Routernetes Operator takes the configuration from the "Router" Kubernetes object and:

  • Configures a DHCP server
  • Configures a DNS server
  • Configures the network interfaces
  • Configures NAT
  • Configures a firewall
  • Enables IP forwarding
  • Uses TuneD to configure the underlying operating system for optimal performance

See Router Configuration for an example of how to create the Router object.

Get Involved

See the Community page for ways to get involved.