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read this for details
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
import getpass
portlistFile = raw_input('PORT MAPPING FILE: ')
outputFile = raw_input('OUTPUT FILE: ')
swip = raw_input('SWITCH IP ADDRESS: ')
swun = raw_input('SWITCH USERNAME: ')
swpass = getpass.getpass(prompt='SWITCH PASSWORD: ')
connection = ConnectHandler(ip=swip, device_type='hp_procurve', username=swun, password=swpass)
cisco_output = open(outputFile, 'w')
portlist = open(portlistFile, 'r')
for port in portlist:
porthp = port.strip().split()[0]
portcisco = port.strip().split()[1]
print ("MAPPING HP PORT "+porthp+" TO CISCO PORT "+portcisco)
command="sh vlans ports "+porthp+" detail"
result = connection.send_command(command)
cisco_output.write("interface "+portcisco+"\n")
trunk = 0
if "Tagged" in result:
trunk = 1
cisco_output.write("switchport mode trunk\n")
cisco_output.write("switchport trunk allowed vlan 1\n")
if "Untagged" not in result:
cisco_output.write("switchport trunk native vlan 1\n")
cisco_output.write("switchport mode access\n")
for line in result.splitlines():
if "Tagged" in line and trunk:
fields = line.strip().split()
cisco_output.write("switchport trunk allowed vlan add "+fields[0]+"\n")
elif "Untagged" in line:
fields = line.strip().split()
if trunk: cisco_output.write("switchport trunk allowed vlan add "+fields[0]+"\n"+"switchport trunk native vlan "+fields[0]+"\n")
else: cisco_output.write("switchport access vlan "+fields[0]+"\n")
elif "Port name" in line:
fields = line.strip().split(":")
cisco_output.write("description "+fields[1]+"\n")
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