Release Notes v3.2

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SPOD "Zibal" (v. 3.2)

(July 31 2018)

Our Working Group is proud and happy to release the new version 3.2 of the Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD), the first one produced by the Working Group!. Our SPOD allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.
Among the most relevant new features of “Zibal” SPOD platform:

The Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD) allows easy discussions, effective co-creation and smooth social interactions around Open Data.

Major features

  • Commentarium room: a new type of Co-creation room. A new feature has been introduced in the co-creation. Commentarium room allows the owner of the room to upload and modify a document, and adding comments; all invited users can only add annotations to the document (that is in read only) and it is possible to mark the text originally selected when user adds a comment.

  • Multiple metadata profiles: we have introduced now the possibility to use which metadata profile you want to use. We added DCAT application profile (DCAT-AP) besides Dublin Core Metadata. We will add new profiles as needed" . DCAT-AP, specification based on W3C’s Data Catalogue vocabulary, allows to describe metadata of datasets in Europe. This common metadata schema allows

    • Increase the discoverability of the open data
    • Increase the re-use of the data
    • Search across platforms with no difficulties of separate models or different languages.

The SPOD platform (SPOD platform) allows to choose the metadata standard (DCAT-AP-it or Dublin Core for now) in the cocreation rooms. In addition, SPOD platform allows to publish on the CKAN portal with DCAT-AP conform metadata.

Fixed Issues

All fixed issues are available on the Git Hub at following link.

Notes (1) Upgrading to the new release (v.3.2) of the following platforms:,

Some screenshots of the main features in “Zibal” (v.3.2) follow:

  • SPOD and metadata standard: Choose the standard metadata (DCAT-AP or Common core)
    • When a new room created, the dialog allows to choose different standard metadata
      SPOD and metadata standard:
    • The DCAT-AP metadata of SPOD platform, for example, allows to choose the dataset theme for the dataset classification according to the Metadata Registry (MDR) data themes vocabulary SPOD and metadata standard
    • In addition, the metadata allows to choose the language of the dataset SPOD and metadata standard
    • The Open Data portal allows to choose the language if the dataset is available in multiple languages SPOD and CKAN
  • Commentarium room with annotations
    • In the cocreation room, the commentarium room is available
      Commentarium in SPOD
    • The “Import ” button allows to upload a document (any text or document ) (Only the Owner (creator) of the room can edit/delete/upload) Commentarium in SPOD
    • All user can add comments and annotations for the document and the all comments will be visible on the right of the page: Highlight selected text (see screenshot below (1)) when creating a comment (see screenshot below, (2, 3)) Commentarium in SPOD
    • When navigating with the mouse on the text (see screenshot below (1)), the annotation is shown (see screenshot below (2)) on the right side of the pages Commentarium in SPOD
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