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using data from rap songs in python.
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Want to use data from rap songs in your Python scripts but bummed that there's no API to do so?
Well guess what? NOW U CAN, DAWG.

Welcome to PyGenius, a rap lyrics library for Python.

All functions should be run through the file, or any other script you create.


$ pip install pygenius OR
$ easy_install pygenius

If you download the source from here, please make sure you have BeautifulSoup installed (pip install beautifulsoup4).

###To import the library

At the top of your script, include the following:

from pygenius import artists, songs, wordsearch

###Functions currently available artists.albumList(artist, arg)
Returns a list of albums that the specified artist has recorded. If second argument is set as 'links', the links to the albums will be returned.

Returns a list of albums recorded by a specific artist, as well as the release year.

artists.getAlbumData(artist, album)
Returns the metadata about an album: description, track numbers, and track names.

Returns an artist's bio.

artists.getPopularSongs(artist, arg)
Returns the most popular songs by a specified artist. If the optional second argument is 'link', will return links to songs that can be passed in to other functions.

wordsearch.searchWords(keyword, arg)
Returns results for a key word search. Default return is artist and song name, but if the optional second argument is set to 'link', a link to the song is returned.

songs.searchSong(artist, title, arg)
Returns lyrics for a specified song title. If the optional third argument is set to 'lyrics', only the lyrics will be returned; if it's 'link', only links to each lyric's annotations are returned (and can be passed into the searchAnnotations function); otherwise, both are returned by default.

Will return content of a specified annotation link, including HTML links to pictures, videos and GIFs, as well as links to external sites referenced.

songs.findAllSongs(artist, arg)
Will return all songs attributed to the specified artist. If second argument is specified as 'links', will return the links to the songs; if 'titles', will return the song titles; otherwise, will return both by default.


Thanks to David Rios for inspiration.

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