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Rovel Discord List

The Ultimate Discord List for Emojis, Users, Servers & Bots!

This is the old version of RDL, still working fine and is the current version. Future version at rdl and will be soon exchanging repos with this! The new version is in heavy development, so check em' out!

Discord Theme

Dracula Theme

Paranoid Theme

Website Link

Server Invite

Can I contribute ?

Yes! Please use the default prettier configuration if you use prettier.

License Notice

License Notice

  • Keep your repository open source, with the same license.
  • Link our repository in your instance.
  • Do not edit the following lines from header.ejs file:
  1. <meta name="canonical" content="<%= req.originalUrl %>">
  2. <meta name="twitter:creator" content="@rovelstars"> These lines make sures you follow our license. (Better than those annoying "You are not allowed to edit this file" messages for footer on other lists, where everybody can see it directly on opening your site!)


  • You may not use our logo, or any of our assets, they are copyrighted by @sayantan300.
  • You may not remove any credits to the original authors anywhere within this project. We know what code we've written, and we will recognize it (Follows the above mentioned header.ejs file).


We don't spoonfeed, other than that, you're welcome to ask for help!


This is for users who want to contribute to RDL, or even run a self hosted instance of RDL.

  • check whether you have nodejs v18.x or above
$ node -v
  • install dependencies
$ npm i
  • fill in envs
$ cp example.env .env && vim .env

Edit .env file ^

  • start
$ npm start

This project is open source so we are transparent in our work and to prove we do not have bad intentions.

Thank you for your time, love and support that make this project possible!


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Forkers repo roster for @rovelstars/discord-list