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namespace FOQ\ElasticaBundle;
use Elastica_Client;
use FOQ\ElasticaBundle\Logger\ElasticaLogger;
* @author Gordon Franke <>
class Client extends Elastica_Client
protected $logger;
public function setLogger(ElasticaLogger $logger)
$this->logger = $logger;
public function request($path, $method, $data = array())
$start = microtime(true);
//this is ghetto, but i couldnt figure out another way of making our site continue to behave normally even if ES was not running.
//Any improvements on this welcome. Perhaps another parameter that allows you to control if you want to ignore exceptions about ES not running
try {
$response = parent::request($path, $method, $data);
} catch(\Exception $e) {
//again, ghetto, but couldnt figure out how to return a default empty Elastica_Response
return new \Elastica_Response('{"took":0,"timed_out":false,"hits":{"total":0,"max_score":0,"hits":[]}}');
if (null !== $this->logger) {
$time = microtime(true) - $start;
$this->logger->logQuery($path, $method, $data, $time);
return $response;