Android ART with modifications for the Xposed framework.
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rovo89 [Xposed] Disable GC while hooking methods
There was a possible deadlock because InvalidateCallersForMethod() reads
weak references, which is temporarily blocked while GC is running.
However, the GC itself might be blocked when all threads are suspended.
Latest commit b23f496 Dec 10, 2017
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benchmark Add benchmark for jobject functions Sep 23, 2015
build [Xposed] Only build for host if explicitly requested Aug 17, 2017
cmdline [Xposed] Ignore unknown arguments and option values Sep 4, 2017
compiler [Xposed] Style fixes Dec 10, 2017
dalvikvm Prefer 32-bit host executables on Mac. Jul 21, 2015
dex2oat dex2oat: Watchdog uses CLOCK_MONOTONIC instead of CLOCK_REALTIME Oct 8, 2017
dexdump Merge "Refactor DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo." am: 96c9de9 Dec 15, 2015
dexlist Merge "Refactor DexFile::DecodeDebugInfo." am: 96c9de9 Dec 15, 2015
disassembler Fix oatdump crash on arm64/arm code. May 12, 2016
imgdiag Add imgdiag support for diff against zygote Apr 13, 2016
libart_fake Make a fake libart for misbehaving apps. Apr 20, 2016
oatdump [Xposed] Show some Xposed information in oatdump Oct 8, 2017
patchoat Ensure OpenDexFilesFromImage closes file to prevent file descriptor leak Oct 14, 2016
profman Enable profman pretty printing Jun 6, 2016
runtime [Xposed] Disable GC while hooking methods Dec 10, 2017
sigchainlib Block signals before invoking special or user handlers Oct 19, 2015
test Add visiting for class loaders in StickyMarkSweep Jan 5, 2017
tools Merge "Remove duplicate libcore failures expectations." into nyc-dev May 27, 2016
.gitignore Add initial default method support to Art Oct 13, 2015 Make a fake libart for misbehaving apps. Apr 20, 2016 Make jemalloc the default choice. Jul 11, 2014
NOTICE Override notice file for OpenJdk based modules. Dec 22, 2015