[UNMAINTAINED] An Express + CoffeeScript + Mustache application template for Node
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Express Coffee Template

An Express + CoffeeScript + Handlebars + LESS application template for Node (aka hipstermatic). This provides a simple basis for an application, and helps me skip over the tedious part of configuring Express the way I like it.

NOTE: This project is no longer being maintained. If you're interested in taking over maintenance of this repo (which is quite a big job), please contact me.


In order to use this template, you'll need the following:


It's best not to clone this repo, as you'll end up with all of the template history in your project. Instead, I recommend that you download a compressed copy here.

Once you've extracted the template, you have to install all of your application's dependencies. From within the top-level directory of the application, run npm install -d.

Now you can run your application with coffee server/app.coffee. Personally, I get annoyed with having to restart node all the time, so I use nodemon you can run it using cake run and it will watch for changes or crashes and restart the server accordingly.

Further Documentation

You can find further documentation on the libraries used in this template below:

  • CoffeeScript, the beautiful language this template is written in – docs
  • Express, High performance, high class web development for Node.js – docs


Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.