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This repository provides a demo script, code base, and slide deck to deliver a level 300 talk about EF Core. You should feel free to use this content as-is, or modify it as you wish, to deliver a talk about EF Core to your user group, company, or anyone else who will listen to you.

This talk is almost identical to the Entity Framework Core 1.0 session I presented at //build 2016. If you want to see how the slides/demos/etc. fit together then you can review that talk.

The Stuff You Need

  • The slide deck covers some intro material on EF6, an intro to each feature in the demo, and some additional resources to share with folks at the end. Feel free to modify the deck as you see fit.
  • The demo script provides a detailed set of instructions to setup your machine and perform all the demos. More details about how to use the following resources is included in the demo script:
  • The starting point source code for the demos gives you an easy way to reset to the same point before each run thru the demos.
  • The completed source code from the demos is included because folks form the audience often want to get hold of it to experiment with. Feel free to point them directly to this repo.


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