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An automation script for downloading, customizing and building (on Debian or a derivative distro) a version of the latest Firefox browser with Jack audio (so you don't need to install PulseAudio, for example).

As it seems Mozilla and Debian won't likely compile Jack in by default anytime soon, for the sake of hard-disk space usage, compile-times, hardware longevity, and sanity you can also configure to tweak the following:

  • set the list of locales to build so you don't need to build all of them
  • prevent building and running tests

For background and motivation for this script, see my blogpost.

Installation (optional)

  • If you want any flags hardcoded so you don't need to specify them every time, do:
    cd [repo-dir]
    and uncomment/edit them, for example:
    --enable-install --> install=1
    --jack-dev-pkg "libjack-dev" --> jack_dev_pkg=libjack-dev
  • If you want to make the script available in your $PATH, do e.g.:
    ln -s [repo-dir]/build-jack-fox /usr/local/bin/
  • NB: You will need at least about 16GB free on the partition housing the $srcdir (for the built files, and the copies made while packaging).


Do one of the following (the latter if you installed the script into your $PATH):

  • [repo-dir]/build-jack-fox [FLAGS]
  • build-jack-fox [FLAGS]


I will add proper documentation at some point, but for now run [path-to-repo]/build-jack-fox --help for a list of optflags and varflags.


  • If, like most rust developers, you have used rustup to install rust tools and followed the advice to prepend that to your $PATH (e.g. PATH="~/.cargo/bin:$PATH") in your shell rc-file then you may strike problems with the firefox build using those tools instead of the versions installed to the system paths by the firefox-build-deps package, and hitting inconsistencies. The easy solution is to run build-jack-fox as follows:

    PATH={$PATH minus the rustup install-path} build-jack-fox
  • I was pointed to an issue where version 59 audio fails due to the sandbox blocking bind(). Apparently for v59 the only workaround is to set security.sandbox.content.level=0 in about:config (which is not a good idea unless you really understand the consequences), but luckily due to an architectural change the issue doesn't affect v60 onwards (confirmed OK now that v60 is out in Debian Unstable). Personally, I just waited and jumped from version 58 to 60.


Rowan Thorpe


GPLv3+ - see COPYING for details.


  • add "uninstall firefox-build-deps" step at end (opt-in)
  • documentation
  • use die() in more places instead of just letting set -e handle errors silently.
  • add optional/configurable step to the install-phase, to mark the installed packages as "held" so they won't get auto-replaced by upstream newer versions
  • add optional/configurable step to the starting phase, to check if there appears to be enough space on the partition of srcdir


MIGRATED TO - THIS IS AN ARCHIVED VERSION... Build-automation script for latest Firefox with Jack audio





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