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Weblocks installation
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An idempotent self contained weblocks (
installation script.  The installation process will download a stable version of 
weblocks (0.8.3), but an optional tip argument can be supplied to download the current
development version.

Swank is enabled by default, so one can connect to it from Emacs using
Slime for interactive or remote development.

The script attempts to be as idempotent as possible during the install, but
more work might be required.  It should be considered safe to repeat the
script on an already created project.

* Prerequsite:
  sbcl (thread enabled, not enabled by default on OSX), curl, tar

* Usage:
  - Download and install all weblocks dependencies into the project:

    # install the weblocks stable version
    bash ~/path/to/your/project/foobar

    # or

    # install the weblocks development version
    bash ~/path/to/your/project/foobar tip

  - Compile and run the project:

    cd ~/path/to/your/project/foobar && script/server

* Release Notes:
  - All dependencies are required by weblocks except for:

    slime-2009-09-12.tar.gz (Swank is started by default on port 4005)

 - Removed version checking of osicat in linedit-0.16.1.
   Apparently *osicat-version* symbol is no longer available.
   Version checking should probably done at the asdf level.

  - add sbcl compile script for osx
  - check to see if weblocks port is being used during install

* Contact:
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