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#Created an electronegativity table.
#This is a variation of the Periodic Table example in the Bokeh library
#Check out the Periodic Table tutorial here:
from collections import OrderedDict
from bokeh.plotting import figure, show, output_file
from bokeh.models import HoverTool, ColumnDataSource
from bokeh.sampledata import periodic_table
from bokeh.embed import components
elements = periodic_table.elements[periodic_table.elements["group"] != "-"]
group_range = [str(x) for x in range(1,19)]
period_range = [str(x) for x in reversed(sorted(set(elements["period"])))]
def electroneg_to_discrete(e_val):
if e_val < 1.5:
return '0_to_1.5'
elif e_val < 1.9:
return '1.5_to_1.9'
elif e_val < 2.9:
return '2.0_to_2.9'
elif e_val <= 4.0:
return '3.0_to_4.0'
return 'NaN'
electroneg_discrete = map(lambda x: electroneg_to_discrete(x), elements['electronegativity'])
colormap = {
'0_to_1.5': '#ffffcc',
'1.5_to_1.9' : '#a1dab4',
'2.0_to_2.9': '#41b6c4',
'3.0_to_4.0': '#225ea8',
'NaN': '#bdbdbd'
source = ColumnDataSource(
data = dict(
group=[str(x) for x in elements["group"]],
period=[str(y) for y in elements["period"]],
symx=[str(x)+":0.1" for x in elements["group"]],
name = elements["name"],
numbery=[str(x)+":0.8" for x in elements["period"]],
electronegativity = elements["electronegativity"],
symbol = elements["symbol"],
namey=[str(x)+":0.3" for x in elements["period"]],
atomic_number = elements['atomic number'],
type_color=[colormap[x] for x in electroneg_discrete],
electronegativityy = [str(x)+':0.1' for x in elements['period']]))
p = figure(title="Electronegativity", tools="resize,hover,save",
x_range=group_range, y_range=period_range)
p.plot_width = 1200
p.toolbar_location = "left"
p.rect("group", "period", 0.9, 0.9, source=source,
fill_alpha=0.6, color="type_color")
text_props = {
"source": source,
"angle": 0,
"color": "black",
"text_align": "left",
"text_baseline": "middle"
p.text(x="symx", y="period", text="symbol",
text_font_style="bold", text_font_size="15pt", **text_props)
p.text(x="symx", y = 'numbery', text='atomic_number',
text_font_size='9pt', **text_props)
p.text(x="symx", y="namey", text="name",
text_font_size="6pt", **text_props)
p.grid.grid_line_color = None
hover =
hover.tooltips = OrderedDict([
("name", "@name"),
("atomic number", "@atomic_number"),
("electronegativity", "@electronegativity")
script_file = open('electronegativity_table_script.html', 'w+')
div_file = open('electronegativity_table_div.html', 'w+')
script, div = components(p)
print(script, file=script_file)
print(div, file=div_file)