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from bokeh.plotting import figure, output_file, show
from bokeh.embed import components
import pandas as pd
from sklearn.datasets import load_boston
import statsmodels.formula.api as smf
boston = load_boston()
bos = pd.DataFrame(
bos.columns = boston.feature_names
bos['price'] =
lm = smf.ols(formula='price~LSTAT', data=bos)
lm_result =
y_predictions = lm_result.predict()
x = bos.LSTAT
y = bos.price
output_file("housing_prices.html", title="LSTAT vs. Housing Prices Regression")
p = figure(title="Boston Housing Prices vs. LSTAT", x_axis_label="Lower Status of the Population (%) - LSTAT", y_axis_label="Price")
p.scatter(x, y, legend="Actual Values", marker="circle")
p.scatter(x, y_predictions, legend="Predicted Values", color="darkgrey")
#Adding line of best fit from regression model
script_file = open('housing_prices_script.html', 'w+')
div_file = open('housing_prices_div.html', 'w+')
script, div = components(p)
print(script, file=script_file)
print(div, file=div_file)