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Additional SVG shape marker types for leaflet.js
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Additional SVG marker types for leaflet.js such as triangle, diamond and square. Check out the demo.


Either downloading this repo or install from npm npm install leaflet-svg-shape-markers


Step 1. Include the required js in your document

   	<script src="leaflet-svg-shape-markers/dist/leaflet-svg-shape-markers.min.js"></script>

Step 2. Add a point to your map using the shapeMarker function

	var square = L.shapeMarker([51.505, -0.09], {
		shape: "square",
		radius: 20

Step 3. You can pass a number of options to the plugin to control various settings.

Option Type Default Description
shape string "triangle" A valid shape, one of "triangle" or "square" or "diamond" or "x"
radius number 20 The size of the svg marker in pixels

L.shapeMarker also extends the path class so any options that you can pass (such as color or fillOpacity) are also valid.

	var diamond = L.shapeMarker([51.505, -0.09], {
		fillColor: "#cccccc",
		color: "black",
		shape: "diamond",
		radius: 200

Available shapes

  • diamond
  • square
  • triangle (= triangle-up)
  • triangle-up
  • triangle-down
  • circle
  • x

Additional methods

Method Returns Description
toGeoJSON Object Returns a GeoJSON representation of the marker (as a GeoJSON Point Feature).
setLatLng this Sets the position of a marker to a new location.
getLatLng LatLng Returns the current geographical position of the marker.
setStyle this Changes the appearance of a Path based on the options in the Path options object.
getRadius this Returns the current radius of the marker.
setRadius this Sets the radius of a marker. Units are in pixels.


Huge hats off go to mourner and all the contributors to the leaflet.js project, it's an amazing piece of open source software!

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