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This folder contains training, validation, and unlabeled test sets for HellaSwag, in .jsonl format. Here's what each dataset example contains:

  • ind: dataset ID
  • activity_label: The ActivityNet or WikiHow label for this example
  • context: There are two formats. The full context is in ctx. When the context ends in an (incomplete) noun phrase, like for ActivityNet, this incomplete noun phrase is in ctx_b, and the context up until then is in ctx_a. This can be useful for models such as BERT that need the last sentence to be complete. However, it's never required. If ctx_b is nonempty, then ctx is the same thing as ctx_a, followed by a space, then ctx_b.
  • endings: a list of 4 endings. The correct index is given by label (0,1,2, or 3)
  • split: train, val, or test.
  • split_type: indomain if the activity label is seen during training, else zeroshot
  • source_id: Which video or WikiHow article this example came from
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