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This folder contains BERT for hellaswag, namely, by using There are also instructions below for submitting models to the HellaSwag leaderboard:

submitting to the leaderboard

Submission is easy! In this folder, I've attached bertlarge-example-submission which is an example of what your submission should look like. It should be the same size as the test set in data/hellaswag_test.jsonl with your probabilities for each ending ending0,ending1,ending2,ending3.

Here's a quick python script to make a submission file - just replace test_probs with your predictions.

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
test_probs = np.random.randn(10003, 4)

test_probs_df = pd.DataFrame(test_probs, index=[f'test-{i}' for i in range(test_probs.shape[0])],
                           columns=['ending0', 'ending1', 'ending2', 'ending3']) = 'annot_id'


Email Rowan a CSV with your predictions, in the above format. Please include in your email 1) a name for your model, 2) your team name (including your affiliation), and optionally, 3) a github repo or paper link. I'll try to get back to you within a few days, usually sooner.

  • Teams can only submit results from a model once every 7 days by default, though I am happy to waive this restriction around paper deadlines. The reason I have this policy is that in the past, some teams made submissions for VCR once every day.
  • I reserve the right to not score any of your submissions if you cheat -- for instance, please don't make up a bunch of fake names / email addresses and send me multiple submissions under those names.
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