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devhost:18 is the first annual Student Developers meet organised by Sahyadri Open-Source Community (SOSC) to bring together young and talented developers from in and around Mangalore.

The Conference will take place at 4th & 5th May 2018 in Mangalore. Full story

  • Talk title : Authentication or Authorization as a Service (AAAS)
  • Description : Authorization as a Service (AAAS) is a service able to correlate identity, context and operational facts with a rule-driven policy, and produce a decision for an authorized claimant. Authentication is an important factor in the success of applications and their architectures. Serverless architectures are no exception to this. One of the leading serverless Authentication as a Service (AaaS) platforms is Auth0. In this talk the audience learned about the different concepts of Authentication or Authorization.

Goals :

  • Promote and Educate people about authentication & authorization.
  • Learn about the different concepts that makes up server secure.
  • Organizers are accountable to clarify queries on the day of event.


  • Open-Minded

Community Channels:

Follow Auth0 at

Feel free to ping me anytime on Telegram or Twitter and I’m happy to chat with you.

For any queries raise a issue and please feel free to submit a PR anytime :)