Based on the Ghost Swayze theme from WooThemes
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A fork of Swayze - a theme created by WooThemes for the Ghost blogging platform.

How to use this theme

Simply click the 'Download ZIP' button in the main repository view; this will download a zip file called '' to your local file system. Then just upload the theme into the Ghost blogging platform as per the Ghost instructions.

How to modify this theme

Firstly you will need to have a locally running version of the Ghost blogging platform, you can follow the instructions here:

Then, either fork and clone this GitHub repository or download the zip file containing all the theme related files and put it into the content/themes folder inside your locally installed Ghost instance. Then you can restart the server and choose the 'demi' theme. Go ahead and start modifying!

For information on how to modify the theme and how the handlebars templates work, read the following: