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##Description This is a Opencart spanish language pack for 1.5.6 version and it is free!!!!!!!!!!


  • upload folder
    • admin folder
      • language folder
        • spanish folder
    • catalog folder
      • language folder
        • spanish folder

##Install Instructions 1. Copy the spanish folders according to Structure in your opencart installation 2. Go to Opencart administration Panel 3. Go to System -> localization -> languages 3. Create one with the next features Language Name: Español Code: es Locale: es_ES.UTF-8,es_ES,Spanish Image: es.png Folder: spanish Filename: spanish Status: Activo

##Change language Image 1. Go to Administrator 2. Go to System -> localization ->languages 3. Click the 'edit' link for the Language you want to change the image. 4. Search the field Image, and put the new image (example: us.png, mx.png)