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Want full control over everything in this template?

We've created a new project called stackmix. It's an experimental CLI that let's you pick and mix all features in a Routify template! Get started with npx stackmix

Routify Starter

Starter template for Routify.

Get started

To get started run:

mkdir routify-app
cd routify-app
npm init routify


Run with npm run <command>, for example npm run dev

Command Description
dev Development (port 5000)
build Build your app for production!
preview Preview the built version of your app locally

Want a service worker?

Checkout vite-plugin-pwa

Extra Configs

We include a few extra configs to help make it easy to ship a Routify project:

Config Path Description
netlify.toml This is the Netlify config, you need this when publishing to Netlify
vercel.json This is the Vercel config, you need this when publishing to Vercel
public/.htaccess If you build your site to static using spank you will need this when putting your site on an apache based webserver