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Allows you to use boost in openFrameworks.
Compiling boost on Windows
You can use the precompiled libraries for mingw/code::blocks, but when you want
to build Boost yourself follow these steps
- download the boost source
- I tried to compile boost on two computers, on one I simply used the
windows console (cmd) the other one I created using "bash" from a cygwin
- in the root of boost, run: bootstrap.bat
- run:
./bjam.exe toolset=gcc target-os=windows --layout=versioned install
This created C:\Boost\
Compiling boost on Mac OSX
- Download boost_1_43_0 (
$ bunzip2 boost_1_43_0.tar.bz2
$ tar -xvf boost_1_43_0.tar
$ cd boost_1_43_0
$ ./
$ ./bjam --build-type=minimal \
--layout=versioned \
--macosx-version=10.6 \
--without-regex \
--without-mpi \
--without-wave \
--without-test \
--without-python \
--without-graph \
--without-graph_parallel \
--without-serialization \
--without-signals \
toolset=darwin \
target-os=darwin \
architecture=combined \
address-model=32_64 \
Installing on Mac OSX (XCode)
- make sure that you use:
#undef check
before including any of the boost .hpp files where you need those
- Add this to your search paths: ../../../addons_roxlu/ofxBoost/src/lib/
- Add the static libs form the ofxBoost/lib/mac dir to your project by dragging
them on your project.
Installing on Windows (Code::Blocks)
- Make sure to add this define to your project settings: POCO_NO_UNWINDOWS
- Add the static libs from the directory ofxBoost\lib\*.a to your linker settings
- Add the dir to ofxBoost\lib\ to your search directories
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