End user manual

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What does it do?

LMeve is an EVE Online Corporation tracker. It uses Corporation API key to download information from EVE Online servers and help players make best use of their time and resources.

LMeve allows:

  • Tracking amount of industry jobs done per character in a month
  • Allows corp to pay ISK for members industry jobs
  • Tracking products (modules, blueprint copies)
  • Tracking corp members doing industry
  • Tracking current jobs in progress
  • Tracking individual tasks for corp members (Hey you, WXYZ! Make W amount of X module in assembly array Y!)
  • Mapping characters to people
  • Viewing EVE Item Database
  • Viewing 3D preview of EVE ships and drones (using WebGL)
  • Shows up-to-date Ore value chart
  • Has an editable, built-in Wiki
  • Tracking inventory
  • Tracking up-to-date Jita prices from eve-central.com
  • Tracking POS information
  • Tracking Market Orders
  • Buying specified items from corp members using up-to-date Jita prices
  • Tracking in-game contracts regarding buyback system
  • Tracking wallet operations and net profit

How to use it?

Setting up

  • You will need a login and password. Ask one of the directors to create an account for you.
  • Change the password to one that only you know - go to Settings tab, click Change Password
  • Wait until all your characters show up in Corp API - this can take up to 2 hours max.
  • Go to "Characters", click "Link Characters using API KEY". Click the link provided there to generate a pre-defined API KEY. Enter the API KEY in the form and press "OK". Alternatively you can ask someone with enough rights (directors are a good call) to connect your login with your in-game toons
  • Check of your characters show under Characters tab.


Tasks are specific industry action (manufacturing, invention, copying, research, etc) of specific item assigned to a specific character. They help coordinating big industry operation when you want to divide tasks between multiple members. Administrator assigns tasks with specific quantities, so corp does not overproduce intermediate products such as blueprint copies for invention or advanced mats.

Tasks are tracked over a month long cycle, starting on 1st of a month until the last day of month.

Tasks are normally recurring every month (starting at 0% completion), but they can be set as "one time". Such tasks will only appear in the month they were assigned, and will not appear in the following months.

Tasks can be assigned by a person with "Edit Tasks" right (by default Administrator and Officer roles have this right).

Tasks can only be completed by the character they were assigned to. Even if a player has multiple alts, work done by alts wont count toward task completion. Each character has their own tasks.

LMeve can and will track all industry actions done by corp members, but they will be under a) statistics b) character page and not under Tasks. Tasks are reserved for activities ordered by the corp to its members.

Tracking Industry

  • Your pay is shown on Timesheet tab. Your characters will always show on top of the table
  • If you have more than one character , there will also be a My Total field with sum of ISK earned by all your toons
  • Your progress is shown on the Tasks page. Each job has a percentage bar that updates every 15 minutes.


  • Database is basically a typical item reference. All ships and drones will have a 3D preview (if your browser supports WebGL)
  • Ore Values chart shows a sortable table of all in-game ores and their value per cubic meter (m3)

Buy Calculator

  • To sell materials to corp, first go to Market and choose Buy Calculator
  • Check which materials corp is buying. We only buy items shown as green and yellow
  • If you try to sell items marked as red, we might turn the contract down
  • Enter the amounts you want to sell into form
  • Only after ALL materials have been entered, press Submit
  • Use the values shown in LMeve for the in-game contract, namely Description and Price
  • In-game contracts usually take under 48 hours to accept