Installation manual

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Setup instructions

There is no installer currently, so there is some setup work to get LMeve to run

MyEVEcorner wrote an excellent setup guide here:

1. Initial setup

For Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install php5 mysql-server php5-mysql php-pear apache2 libapache2-mod-php5 php5-cli libyaml-dev

Install YAML PECL library for PHP

pecl install yaml

or for PHP version lower than 7.0.0:

pecl install yaml-1.3.1

Configure Apache2

index.php and the website itself is in ./wwwroot/ directory. If you can set up your webserver root to this directory, please do so.


Alias /lmeve /opt/lmeve/wwwroot
<Directory /opt/lmeve/wwwroot>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    #uncomment the line below in Apache 2.4; for Apache 2.2 leave it as it is
    #Require all granted 
    Options FollowSymLinks
  • Go to ./config/ directory, copy config-dist.php to config.php
  • Set up database credentials and db schemas
//database settings
//LMeve will use static data from this database schema. Can be the same as LMeve $LM_dbname,
//but for the sake of easy SDE updates a different db schema is recommended
  • Set up a random new $LM_SALT value, save config.php
  • For multi-site deployment, make sure correct cookie path is set in $LM_COOKIEPATH, for single LMeve deployment you can leave the default
  • Download current Types and Icons from EVE Online Toolkit page: Note: you can now skip downloading If you do, LMeve will use icons from CCP CDN Image Server
  • unpack all PNG files from Types to ./wwwroot/ccp_img/ (OPTIONAL)
    • symlinks should work, too: ln -s /opt/Types/ ccp_img (OPTIONAL)
  • unpack all PNG files from Icons/items to ./wwwroot/ccp_icons/
    • symlinks should work, too: ln -s /opt/Icons/items/ ccp_icons

2. Database setup

  • Import ./data/schema.sql file to MySQL database before using LMeve. Remember to set the db config options first in ./config/config.php

  • Import latest static data dump (can be put in different db schema for clarity, for example you can import lmeve db to lmeve schema and static data in sde_crius. LMeve will always use SDE schema set in $LM_EVEDB variable in config.php file) You can download latest static data from Steve Ronuken's website:

    • unpack downloaded tar.bz2 file: tar -xjf mysql-latest.tar.bz2
    • import the .sql file to your SDE schema (for example sde_crius)
  • You need to supplement the SDE with data conatined in YAML files.

  • YAML loading method 1

    • Copy all YAML files (they are included in Steve Ronuken's mysql package, or from official Static Data Export) to ./data/<static_data_schema_name>/
    • Run
cd bin
php update_yaml.php --all
  • YAML loading method 2
    • Alternatively you can download a pre-built SQL file with YAML data from It must match the version of SDE you have imported. Import it into the static data database (the same where fuzzworks SQL file went into).
  • Afterwards you will be able to login using username admin and password admin
  • Remember to change admin password in Settings as soon as possible.
  • Once you were able to log in to LMeve, please delete the 'INSTALL' file in LMeve root directory
  • Add corp API key in Settings -> EVE API Keys
  • Full corp API key works best, but the app will adjust the amount of visible information according to the rights it has been given.

3. API Poller setup

  • Set up API poller in cron to run every 15 minutes

    */15 * * * * [path-to-php]/php [path-to-lmeve]/bin/poller.php

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