Integrating LMeve with EVE SSO

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SSO Setup Guide

I have mentioned a few times already that LMeve can benefit from EVE SSO, but some players were not sure how to set it up. Don't worry! I've got you covered! Here's a quick guide.


  • First off, go to and log in with your EVE Online credentials.
  • Secondly, click "Create new application"
  • Fill in the form. Application Name can be for example "LMeve - "
  • Choose "Authentication & API Access"
  • Add the correct Scopes for ESI to work (scope list is below, also available in LMeve GUI under Settings -> ESI Tokens
  • Now make sure to fill in * Callback URL field correctly. If your LMeve address is, then the correct callback will be
  • Save the changes.

Once the application has been created, open it again by clicking the "View application" button, and write down these two values:

  • Client ID
  • Secret Key

they will be required to complete setup on the LMeve side.

Log in to your web server host, open up config/config.php in your LMeve directory. Find these variables, enter your callback URL and the values written down in previous step:

//use EVE SSO - see
$SSO_CLIENT_ID='<Put your Client ID here>';
$SSO_CLIENT_SECRET='<Put your Secret Key here>';
//Auth server can be either for Tranquility, or when trying to use     Sisi.

To allow players to login to LMeve using SSO, please make sure characters are connected to LMeve usernames.

Go to "Characters" module in LMeve and check if your characters are connected there.

Required Scope List

  • corporationAssetsRead
  • corporationContactsRead
  • corporationContractsRead
  • corporationFactionalWarfareRead
  • corporationIndustryJobsRead
  • corporationKillsRead
  • corporationMarketOrdersRead
  • corporationMembersRead
  • corporationStructuresRead
  • corporationWalletRead
  • esi-assets.read_corporation_assets.v1
  • esi-contracts.read_corporation_contracts.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_blueprints.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_contacts.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_container_logs.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_corporation_membership.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_divisions.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_facilities.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_fw_stats.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_outposts.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_standings.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_starbases.v1
  • esi-corporations.read_structures.v1
  • esi-corporations.track_members.v1
  • esi-industry.read_corporation_jobs.v1
  • esi-industry.read_corporation_mining.v1
  • esi-killmails.read_corporation_killmails.v1
  • esi-killmails.read_killmails.v1
  • esi-location.read_location.v1
  • esi-markets.read_corporation_orders.v1
  • esi-planets.read_customs_offices.v1
  • esi-search.search_structures.v1
  • esi-wallet.read_corporation_wallet.v1
  • publicData
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