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Automatically set paste for you
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Automatically set paste for you.

This is a tiny plugin that simply monitors your typing speed and set paste automatically. When then typing interval between two typed characters is less than 0.01s, it will set paste for you. Because there's no human being could type that fast! After you have finished pasting and leave insert mode, or if the file stays unchanged for about 0.1s, vim-paste-easy will set nopaste for you.


I'm using terminal (n)vim with xshell. Many times I need to paste a block of code from other documents or web pages, I have to :set paste before <Shift><Insert>, otherwise the indentation will be messed up. I want this to work automatically, and it seems there's no way to detect <Shift><Insert> key in this case. Finally I decided to use the typing interval.


  • For vim users, InsertCharPre is not available until Vim 7.3.598


  • :PasteEasyDisable disable paste-easy temporary
  • :PasteEasyEnable enable paste-easy. This plugin is enabled by default, This command is only needed after you PasteEasyDisable.

If you don't want vim-paste-easy enabled by default, add let g:paste_easy_enable=0 into your vimrc.

By default, paste-easy echo "paste-easy end" when it set nopaste. Auto modifying paste mode may produce undesired behavior, in such case, this message is useful for finding which plugin is controling this behavior. Add let g:paste_easy_message=0 into your vimrc if you don't want it.

Known issues

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