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This official repository contains various automation scripts for Royal TS (for Windows) and Royal TSX (for macOS). Also included are dynamic folder samples. This collection consists of scripts by the Royal Applications team or contributions from our great user-base!
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Royal Toolbox

This official repository contains various automation scripts for Royal TS (for Windows) and Royal TSX (for macOS). Also included are dynamic folder samples. The collection consists of first-party scripts by the Royal Apps team and contributions from our great user-base!


Please notice that all content is provided without any guarantees nor are we/the authors responsible for any unintentional issues or side-effects. Even when the authors are trying to provide the best, bug-free experience, scripts may have issues not covered by tests.

Furthermore, please feel free to change them to suit your needs, but please respect the license of the individual scripts.


In case...

  •'re experiencing issues,
  •'re having ideas for improvements,
  • ...or having great ideas for new content

... please head over to the issues section and report an issue. Support is provided on a best-effort basis from us and the original script authors.


Have scripts to share with the community? Great! Pull requests are very welcome!

When contributing new scripts, please check the following first:

  • The right place: The repository should stay clearly structured, to provide a good overview. Each script should have their own directory, containing all relevant files, like screenshots and documentation.
  • Permissions: Make sure you are allowed to share the script with the public. Publish it under the same license of this repository. By comitting/posting pull requests, you agree with this.
  • Documentation: Your shared script contains enough documentation/instructions that other users are able to easily understand the purpose and are able to use it without a lot of guesswork.
  • Stay clean: Your code should be as clean, smart and understandable as possible. Prevent having any magic, encrypted or obfuscated code.

When modifying existing scripts, please read first:

  • Credits: Please respect previous authors and leave them intact. If you feel you've done great enhancements to existing scripts, feel free to add yourself to the authors list.
  • Compatibility: Don't forget about backwards-compatibility. Try not to break existing scripts. If you're doing changes regarding parameters, dependencies or any other major changes, please create a new script directory or new files within the same folder.

Okay with the few points above? Great! Go ahead and create a pull request with your contribution. Thanks a lot! :-)

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