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Password State Dynamic Folder

How to use

Install passwordstate-management powershell module PSGalleryLink

Setup your passwordstate management environment

First you will need to setup the environment for PasswordState. This prevents you having to enter the api key all the time as it's stored in an encrypted format. Or you can use Windows authentication using the currently logged on user.

For API Key

    Set-PasswordStateEnvironment  -baseuri "" -apikey "dsiwjdi9e0377dw84w45dsw5sw"

For Windows Auth With Pass Through Authentication

    Set-PasswordStateEnvironment  -baseuri "" -WindowsAuthOnly

For Windows Auth With Custom Credentials

    Set-PasswordStateEnvironment  -baseuri "" -customcredentials $(Get-Credential)

This will save a file called passwordstate.json under the users profile folder.

For more infor about the module consult powershell help or the github repository

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