a hexo plugin let you can define image url in post md and refer it in templates
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Hexo Url Image

A Hexo plugin to allow adding url_image in front-matter, then you can refer post.url_image in your templates;

For example:


title: Cool post
url_image: my_img.png
What a cool blog I have!

By setting url_image, you specify a post's url image in its front matter.

The absolute path to my_img.png will be available through post.url_image in your templates.

For example:


<% if (post.url_image){ %>
    <img src="<%- post.url_image %>">
<% } %>


npm install --save hexo-url-image


This plugin will make automatically make post.url_image available in your templates when you run hexo server or hexo generate.

If you are using hexo-generator-json-content, it will automatically add the url_image property to content.json when you run hexo generate and when you exit hexo server.



For this plugin to work correctly, you must set image_server_url to your URL in _config.yml. if you use a image cloud server with url //some.bkt.clouddn.com/, set it like this:


image_server_url: http://some.bkt.clouddn.com/

hexo-generator-json-content (!!!Experiment)

This plugin plays nicely with hexo-generator-json-content, and will output the absolute path of url_image to content.json if url_image has been set to true in the jsonContent configuration part of _config.yml like so:

jsonContent: {
    posts: {
        url_image: true
        thumbnail: true # if you want thumbnail to be added as well