Chutes and Ladders in D3
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Chutes and Ladders in D3

Visualization of a Markov chain simulation

This is my for-fun implementation of Nick Berry's simulations of Chutes and Ladders to explain the Monte Carlo and Markov chain methods.

I implemented the Monte Carlo and Markov chain models in Python here. This D3.js based project is to visualize the Markov chain simulation, which gives you the probability for being on a given square after a given number of moves.

This visualization depends on D3.js, which is linked in the code itself. It requires a "modern" web browser, meaning your best bet is to try Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Safari, or a related browser (as of 2013).

You can see a working version here.

License statement: If used in substantially similar form to the original, please attribute this visualization and accompanying text to me, Roy Keyes. Otherwise, feel free to modify and reuse this for any purpose.

The todo list includes:

  • Tweak animation timing?