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🚗 Sourcecode of a Dutch social network for your car
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Back in 2013 I started with Fastr, a Dutch social media platform for your car. You can create a profile for your car, add your specifications and modifications including pictures, share everything easily with auto generated images (see below), join car clubs and I'd tons of other ideas like a calander with events and stuff. It's hard to get users and promote it so there are a handfull of users which created a profile once and never looked back. It's still online for my own car but nobody is actively using it. For more information see my Dutch blog post about the platform:

Why do you share this?

When my car breaks or I buy another one I don't feel the need to keep it online. Before it's getting totally abandoned; maybe someone likes the idea, continues with it or want to see how it's build. If someone is interested in the domainname, let me know. Fork it and build something great! I did my very best back than but when I look at it now, it's not that well written. But hey, everyone started somewhere right? And look at the Wordpress code, it can always be worse. You can find English comments almost everywhere in the code, so it's readable.

Technical information

Getting it up-and-running

Questions? Bugs?

It's a old project so I'm not supporting it, but feel free to open a issue and lets see what I can do for you.

Security issues?

Please contact me directly!



Auto generated image

A auto generated image from my current car which can be shared easily on car forums, for example in my case:

Subaru Impreza

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