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🎆 Sourcecode of a Dutch consumer fireworks comparison website
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Vuurwerk vergelijken

Back in 2013 I started with Vuurwerk-vergelijken, a Dutch consumer fireworks comparison website. All Dutch consumer firework sellers shout that they're the cheapest, have the best fireworks, etc but that's not true if you compare it. Comparing is hard because not all the information is available so I started with this project where visitors can also add products, images, videos and prices. To do good for some firework forums I also included a function to share product information easily with images (see below). For more information see my Dutch blog post about the website:

Why do you share this?

Every year I add some products and prices but the idea was that visitors are adding information and I only have to approve it. So I'm getting a little bit bored of it and before I put the website offline; maybe someone likes the idea, continues with it or want to see how it's build. If someone is interested in the domainname, let me know. Fork it and build something great! I did my very best back than but when I look at it now, it's not that well written. But hey, everyone started somewhere right? And look at the Wordpress code, it can always be worse. You can find English comments almost everywhere in the code, so it's readable.

Technical information

Getting it up-and-running

Questions? Bugs?

It's a old project so I'm not supporting it, but feel free to open a issue and lets see what I can do for you.

Security issues?

Please contact me directly!



Auto generated image

A auto generated image from a fireworks cake which can be shared easily on forums

Zena Cakebox

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