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Quickbooks Desktop Python wrapper

This supports all transaction type!


  • Windows (32 bit recommended) if you want to work without the qwc
  • win32com IMPORTANT ! if you want to work directly without qwc pip install pypiwin32
  • Quickbooks > Pro Version, Enterprise edition
  • Administrator account
  • Python (32BIT not 64BIT)
  • xmltodict

To installl :

  • pip install quickbooks

You will need to do the following the first time you run :

First time you run check to boxes

  • Yes, Always, Allow access even if QuickBooksis not running
  • Allow this application to personal data such as Social Security numbers and customer credit card information Step1 Step2 Step2

install win32com

in your code write this:

from quickbooks import Quickbooks


from quickbooks import Customer

# Retrieve all customer

# Retrieve customers based on filter

# Add Customer


Read every possible transaction from quickbooks this script generates a erros.json and a success.json containing the log.

every transaction will have a separate file with the extension xml ` def get_all_queries(): from quickbooks.resource_list import resource_list from quickbooks import resource query_resources = [] companies = [

os.path.abspath(os.path.join("..", 'client files', 'qbfile', 'name-of-the-qb.qbw')),

for company in companies:
    for entry in resource_list:
        if hasattr(resource, entry):
            if 'query' in  getattr(resource, entry).methods:

    company_name = company.split('/')[-1]

    for q in query_resources:
        print("Now pulling out: {}".format(q))
        base_dir = os.path.join("..", 'data')
        file_dir_name = company.split('\\')[-1].split('.')[0]
        if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(base_dir, file_dir_name)):
            os.makedirs(os.path.join(base_dir, file_dir_name))

        filename = os.path.join(base_dir, file_dir_name, '{}.xml'.format(q))
            with open(filename, 'w+') as f:
                f.write(getattr(resource, q)(quickbooks_file_location=company).retrieve())
        except Exception as e:
            if 'Could not start QuickBooks' in e:
            print("error with: {}".format(q))
            with open(os.path.join(base_dir, file_dir_name, 'error_{}.txt'.format(q)), 'w+') as f:
        print("finished with {}".format(q))

    qb = Quickbooks(qb_file=company)`

Merge two company

I would recommended to merge the smaller into the bigger one. Things to do before :

  • Make backup
  • Make a report of your chart of account
  • Count the number of targets (F2 key)
  • Count the number of the target

Activate the debug option below, the script will try to retrieve any error in the log file.

Tested transaction (merge) will write and skip duplicated (continue on error):

####Problems and tips when dealing with win32com to debug quickbooks go to c:\programData\intuit\quickbooks\QBSDK.ItemNonInventory add this : [Log] Level=verbose UnlimitedSize=Y [Parser] DumpRequestData=Y SdkAccelerator=N

If your using the win32com make sure you have the 32bit version of the package if you get a something like could not start quickbooks with an error -2147220472 make sure the quickbooks company file path is correct.

BoolType is 1 for true, 0 for false or lowercase str true or false

Explanation about all this files : Use and script4 and final are supposed to be the same thing , use need to refactor this files and remove unused ones. that are the correct files.

script will

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