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csc545: intro to artificial intelligence

Project 1 involved using search algorithms (BFS, DFS, A*) to solve the Sliding Tiles puzzle. See project1/task.pdf for project instructions. See project1/paper.pdf for a writeup. project1/data.tsv contains the output of over 1300 trials.

Project 2 involved using the Genetic Algorithm to maximize a fitness function. See project2/task.pdf for project implementation instructions. See project2/paper.pdf for the writeup. See project2/data for data relating to varying population sizes and mutation rates. See project2/src/test.js for more information on how the algorithm was systematically tested.

Bonus: The last page of the writeup contains an application of the Genetic Algorithm to image approximation. Sample images can be found in project2/sample. The implementation can be found in the project2/src/picture-ga/ directory

Project 3 involved building an automated reasoning system. For instructions on running the app locally, see project3/app/ See project3/paper.pdf for the writeup.