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Geomancy came to Europe from the Islamic world over 1000 years ago. It became popular around the 12th century. Like all forms of "science" from the Medieval Ages, it is actually complete pseudoscience. Nevertheless, it is fun to play around with.

This project is an attempt to virtualize the Book of Fate contained in the Otto G. Richter Library at the University of Miami, so that all can use it. It contains answers to a variety of questions, such as "If the asker shall have children?".

The first 16 rolls are random. Every pattern generated thereafter is based on the initial 16 rolls. The final pattern is the result of many mutations and combinations of the original numbers.

"[T]he practitioners of the art have found geomancy to be a true science through which things future, present, and past may be revealed, provided the geomancer's judgement is not obscured by the obnoxious influences of the body or the deceitful actions of the senses." (Richard Fludd 1617, in Josten 1964).

######Interested in learning more about geomancy?

The wikipedia page is rather informative, as is this page.