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openFrameworks addon to filter images using 3D LUTs. 3D LUTs are used mainly in color gradding software to save the color transformations applied to an image.
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#ofxLUT ##by Roy Macdonald.

Developed at the OF WWDC 2012 held in Detroit on Feb'12.

###openFrameworks addon for filtering images using 3D LUTs (Look Up Tables). 3D LUTs is a very common format for saving color modifications. These are widely used by color grading software and are very easy to find all over the www.

###Example The included example is part of the examples of of0071. Yet here I converted the code into an addon so to easily take advantage of the 3D LUTs. This example comes with some 3D LUTs that simulate the color filters used by Instagram.

###TODO: integrate LUT processing through an OpenGL shader. This shaders are already done by patricioGonzalezVivo, yet not integrated to this addon.

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