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KeyJedi by Roy Osherove
* parts of the code are taken from:
Lately the source code has been lost, and recovered thanks to
Version 1.05
- Added settings in config file: ShowTabs, ShowEnter,ShowPageUpDown
- Added support for Windows Key combos
Version 1.04
- Added "Mousless Mode": Pressing Ctrl-Shift-alt-F12
will disable the mouse for the currently active application
and force you to work with the keyboard only in that specific application.
Pressing ctrl-shift.alt-f12 again will stop this mode.
See basicUsage.txt for config setting.
- Added Memo Ability
- double clicking on a list item will allow annotating it with a short string.
- later, you can right click on the list, and copy the annoations and shortcuts to the clipboard.
Version 1.03
- Added BasicUsage.txt and History.txt ro release
- Renamed application to "Key Jedi" and KeyJedi.exe
- Added link to blog
- Made opacity scroll smaller
- App now has only ONE version, with a config file setting to control
whether it only listens to visual studio shortcuts or all applications.
for more info see basicusage.txt
Version 1.02
- Control->Ctrl
- Item list limited to 10 items
- Config file setting: VisualStudioOnly: true: watch only visual studio keyboard. false: watch all applications.
Version 1.01 28-5-07
- Added support for standalong F1-12 keys detection
- Addded configuration file for basic properties: Font, backcolor, forecolor, opacity
Version 1.00 27-5-07
Initial Release
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