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A generative clip-on cover for the CARD10 badge, modeled in OpenSCAD


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A cover generator for the CARD10 badge!

different covers


  • interactive web interface available at (thx to segal!)
  • more variations possible than you'll ever need!!!
  • buttons become much more usable as they get a bigger surface
  • the cover can be clipped onto the badge - there are no tools required to change the cover
  • you can add a piece of clear plastic (e.g. cutout from a cheese packaging) as display protection
  • the model has no overhangs, thus it is very easy to print (except if you turn side led's on)
  • you can turn off the randomization and generate exactly the cover that YOU want!

How to use

  • open this code in openSCAD (download from
  • specify whether you want a model with wristband or without (line 82) / the option with wristband also adds the wristband mounts (32 mm) to the watch cover
  • if you want to print a wristband, specify the sircumference of your wrist in line 107
  • specify from line 69 on which parts you want to generate
  • select in line 68 if you want to have the parts oriented ready for print or in the way they will be assembled later
  • [optional]: adjust settings below in the section 'CUSTOMIZE YOUR COVER BY ADJUSTING VALUES BELOW:'
  • hit the render button in openSCAD (the button above the code with the hourglass & the cube)
  • hit the .stl export button right next to the render button
  • print your .stl model!

Printing instructions

  • print upside down without support out of PLA
  • recommended slicer settings: 0.2mm layer height 0.4mm wall thickness / 1 wall 100% infill 0.4mm extruder

Assembly instructions

  • clean up the print with a small utility knife
  • [optional]: cut a 14mm x 30mm piece of clear plastic as display protection (e.g. from a pet-bottle) and place it inside the display cutout
  • If you printed a wristband: Glue FClip on the end of the bottom wristband (e.g. with superglue)
  • connect MClip with the top wristband (with a paper clip as axle)
  • connect both wristbands to the cover (with paper clips as axles)
  • if you printed a bottom: Unscrew the four screws on the bottom of the Card10, remove the stainless steel electrodes, add the bottom piece, add the electrodes, add the screws again.
  • clip the cover onto your card10 badge
  • print another cover for your friends

Wristband assembly

Step 1: Clean up the inside of FClip with a small file.

Step 2: Make sure that MClip fits smooth into FClip.

Step 3: Glue FClip onto the bottom piece of the wristband.

Pro-tip: Clothespins are nice for clamping the pieces together while the glue cures. A piece of tape (e.g. electric tape or the yellow back-foil on double sided tesa tape prevents the superglue to bond with the clothespins).

Step 4: Connect MClip and the top part of the wristband with a paperclip. Cut the paperclip to size.

Step 5: Heat up a piece of pipe with a hot air gun...

... and use the hot pipe to bend the wristband pieces.

Step 6: Connect the wristband pieces and the cover with paperclips.

This is the finished clip-on cover! You can also add the bottom plate to your Card10. This would be screwed in between the lower circuit board and the metal electrodes.


I added some stl files which were generated with Version 1 & 2 as examples. Here's a print of the model 1337haxx0r with all features unlocked:

card10-model 1337haxx0r

All of the models feature a recessed display cutout where you can place a 30mm x 14mm transparent plastic piece as display protection.

cover with plastic display protection

Here's the model 'functional style' with half diffusor after losing a round of Tetris:

functional style

And here's a bunch of prints with different features. I cut out pieces from some food packaging for the screen protectors:

different card10 cover prints

Thhere were plenty of test prints involved in making this work out nicely:

different card10 cover prints


A generative clip-on cover for the CARD10 badge, modeled in OpenSCAD







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