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Scalagen - Java to Scala conversion

Scalagen is a Java to Scala conversion tool. It uses a Java based parser for Java sources and provides modular transformation of the AST to match Scala idioms. The resulting transformed AST is serialized into Scala format.

Here is a list of example Java sources which have been successfully converted by Scalagen:

Scalagen has also been tested on our own projects such as Querydsl, RDFBean, Codegen and some customer projects.


Scalagen provides direct Maven support via a plugin. You can use it directly via the command line like this

mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.1.3:main -DtargetFolder=target/scala

and for test sources

mvn com.mysema.scalagen:scalagen-maven-plugin:0.1.3:test -DtargetFolder=target/scala

Here is the snippet for an explicit configuration in a POM:


To convert main sources run

mvn scalagen:main

and to convert test sources run

mvn scalagen:test

The conversion results are to be seen as a starting point for the Java to Scala conversion. Some elements are not transformed correctly for various reasons and will need manual intervention.