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Code respository for the Head Replacement / Virtual Surgeon / Identity Transfer project

mkdir build
cd build

(use 'make -j[N]' if you have multiple cores/CPUs, where [N] is the number of cores)

It should build on Win32, MacOS X, and linux.
I'm still integrating all sources and cmakelists from the various OSs, so hang on for updates on cross-compilation.

OpenCV 2.3.x+ (
Gmm++ (
GraphCut Optimization (GCO) 2.x+ (
tclap 1.2.x+ (
libfltk 3.x+ (
OpenGL [Optional: GLSL shaders support]


More Info
Project webpage:
Instruction video:
Satisfaction survey (PLEASE fill it after you use the app):

This work is a collaboration between:
MIT Media Laboatory
Tel-Aviv University Computer Graphics Laboratory
Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya
Zhejiang University Computer Graphics Laboratory

All images used are under the CrativeCommons By-NonCommecial-ShareAlike 2.0 licesne.
Source for model images: