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Find* files #6

mrquincle opened this Issue Feb 7, 2013 · 2 comments

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Thanks for the nice work and blog posts. The thing that is missing are the files that allow cmake to actually execute the commands:

find_package(OpenCV REQUIRED)
find_package(OpenMP REQUIRED)

find_package(PCL REQUIRED)


royshil commented Feb 7, 2013

These files come along with the installation of OpenCV and PCL, and in the case of OpenMP it should come with CMake.
If CMake can't find the location of "FindOpenCV.cmake" and the others, you can help it by defining the OPENCV_DIR parameters (like "cmake -DOPENCV_DIR=location/of/findopencv.cmake/")


Yes, I know. On Ubuntu 12.10 it doesn't come with opencv from the repository. I checked with:

locate FindOpenCV
apt-file list libopencv-dev

So, if it's not too much, maybe it's nice to add them to a "cmake" directory to make it work across a range of platforms.

@royshil royshil closed this Nov 4, 2013
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