Social blogging. Follow other blogs from WordPress, and see a timeline of updates right there on your blog.
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Blogmesh is an idea to make blogging more social. It uses (mostly) existing technologies to connect blogs into an impromptu decentralized social network. Currently, we're working on a proof-of-concept WordPress plugin (this repository) and an accompanying browser extension.

What is Blogmesh?

Blogmesh aims te make blogging more social, and in doing so create an alternative for existing social networks. The main idea is to connect existing blogs in a way that resembles other social networks, like Twitter. Simply follow your friends and see a timeline of their updates.

Because blogs are usually self-hosted, this means Blogmesh has the potential to become a decentralized network that belongs to its users, and where every user owns their own content.

Blogmesh uses existing, well-established standards like RSS. This means that many existing sites are already Blogmesh-ready.

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