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2007-08-11 01:29:20 -0700
Software Development
Announcing PyMTG

I couldn't sleep, so obviously, I had to start a new personal project.


I was inspired after forum-browsing lead me to look at existing MTG open-source software. I've been thinking of starting a true-blue personal software project for a while now, and the idea of PyMTG appeals to me for several reasons:

(a) It's related to one of my current hobbies

(b) Allows me to become familiar with a new language (Python)

(c) It's moderately to insanely difficult (depending on how well I set my targets), i.e. it's of a scale large enough to be challenging.

The wiki page contains the target features for the first release at the end of the year. Quite modest I think, despite my tendencies to underestimate. I hope I can follow through with this project and have enough time for it.

The success of the project would be determined by how much of the existing MTG cardbase it could support. Ultimately, I would want it to be open-source and have people help me to obtain 100% cardbase support. But that's obviously very far away.

Wish me luck 🙂

Update: This project is on-hold, not surprisingly. It turns out I don't actually have time to learn a new language. :(

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