Demo's for SassConf 2013, NYC.
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SassConf 2013 Demo's

These demo's were created by Roy Tomeij (@roy) for a workshop at SassConf 2013 in NYC.


Clone this repo and do bundle install if you're using Bundler. If not, install the latest Sass pre-release: gem install sass --pre. These demo's will only work in Sass 3.3+.

To watch for updates, run sass --watch stylesheets:stylesheets while in the project root folder (if you're using Bundler, prepend with bundle exec, you know the drill). Please note that some files can take a while to compile (the svg example may take over 30 seconds).

Presented in this order

  • media-query-lists.scss
  • media-query-lists-3.3.scss
  • media-query-maps-loop.scss
  • media-query-maps.scss
  • animation-grid.scss
  • animation-grid-rotation.scss
  • animation-grid-auto-rotation.scss
  • ascii-art-boxshadow.scss
  • ascii-art-svg.scss
  • 3.3-at-root.scss
  • 3.3-variable-exists.scss
  • 3.3-mixin-exists.scss