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A Hexo plugin to generate static post link based on title and data in the post front.

This plugin supports .textbundle -- a file format contents markdown and its assets. Actually, .textbundle file is a folder which shows like a file in Finder on macOS.

Suggest, supports the orderly growth of ID is beta now. The working principle of hexo-abbrlink2 is different from this plug-in, not as an upgraded version of this plugin, they are different individuals. But hexo-abbrlink2 is compatible with the previous configuration of this plugin. As a supplement to this plugin, use it only when you really need an orderly growing id.

How to install

Add plugin to Hexo:

npm install hexo-abbrlink --save

Modify permalink in config.yml file:

permalink: posts/:abbrlink/ 
# or
permalink: posts/:abbrlink.html

There are two settings:

alg -- Algorithm (currently support crc16 and crc32, which crc16 is default)
rep -- Represent (the generated link could be presented in hex or dec value)
# abbrlink config
  alg: crc32      #support crc16(default) and crc32
  rep: hex        #support dec(default) and hex
  drafts: false   #(true)Process draft,(false)Do not process draft. false(default) 
  # Generate categories from directory-tree
  # depth: the max_depth of directory-tree you want to generate, should > 0
     enable: true  #true(default)
     depth:        #3(default)
     over_write: false 
  auto_title: false #enable auto title, it can auto fill the title by path
  auto_date: false #enable auto date, it can auto fill the date by time today
  force: false #enable force mode,in this mode, the plugin will ignore the cache, and calc the abbrlink for every post even it already had abbrlink. This only updates abbrlink rather than other front variables.


The generated link will look like the following:

crc16 & hex

crc16 & dec
crc32 & hex

crc32 & dec


[fixed] Maximum number of posts is 65535 for crc16. (now, if a abbrlink already exist, it will change another one and try again and again...)

More info

see this(Chinese)




The project is develop by JetBrains Ide