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Handwriting Number Recognition

Written by : Python
Prerequisite : pip, Numpy, PIL(pillow), matplotlib
Dataset : MINIST


This project is an example of my BPANN package, also it is an assignment of the course ES901(智能信息处理). I used BP network to train the MINIST dataset and then tested it with the test data of MINIST and the images generated by program drawNumber.py.

How to Play

I wrote some interfaces thus you can play this project and try to recognize the images on your own.

Before you start, you must make sure your environment has installed : Python 2.7, Numpy, PIL(now you can use pillow instead), Matplotlib. Then you should download this project and go into this number directory.

Generate Images
You can generate images by executing the following command :

$python drawNumber.py

Then it will show you some words :

Please enter the file name you want to save for this randomly generated image :

You just need to input a file name such as 001, 002 and some other names you like. And you can see the following message :

The image is saved successfully.

After that, you will find the image already generated like this : image stored in directory numbers. Now you can test them under the following guide.

Recognize the Images
Similar to the above, you just need to type a command at first :

$python numberRec.py

Actually it will read the model stored in model.txt and set the neural network. Now there is a similar sentence :

Please enter the file path you want to recognize :

You need to type a file name(e.g. 001) exists in numbers directory.
Then you can get the recognization result like the following :

The image is recognized as :0

Training Process and Result

  1. Process the data
    Actually the data of MINIST can not be used to train directly since it is not a binarized image data. So I binarized and normalized them by detecting whether the value of a pixel is bigger than 136. If it is, set it as 1, otherwise set it as 0. The results are as follows :
    image image
  2. Train by BP Network
    I test several times and find the 15 hidden layer nodes and 0.05 learning rate may be good for the training. And I only train one iteration since the result is already good. The command is as follow :
$python numberTrain.py

After this, the model will be saved automatically in model.txt.
3. Training Results

Learning rate\No. of Hidden Nodes 11 13 15 17 19
0.05 74.98% 85.12% 85.23% 84.71% 63.59%

Files Explanation

  • net.py : implement a neural network class.
  • function.py : implement two activation functions and can be chosen by users.
  • minist.py : implement a class for MINIST dataset which can be used to access the dataset file simply.
  • numberTrain.py : the training program, it also stores the result in the model.txt.
  • numberRec.py : load the weights stored in model.txt and recognize an image.
  • drawNumber.py : used to generate a digit image automatically.

In the Future

I wish this project can recognize more characters like letters and can be more stronger in the dirty data. Also I wish it can be a package which allows people to attack the CAPTCHA.