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Reading data from Uptime Monitor in Perl.
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This is tool for reading data from Uptime Robot (external free uptime montior service; account required) written in Perl.


  • runs from cron - separates backend from output
  • keys to API objects are hidden
  • allows to hide (overwrite) hostnames/IPs/URLs
  • simple static HTML as output - no JS support in browser required


Run the script, enjoy the output. All data are generated on ini file basis. All sections in ini file except [Global] section are treated as host data. Config is read by default from ~/.uptime_monitor.ini file (yeah, hidden ini file).

Required modules

  • LWP::UserAgent
  • Config::INI
  • XML::Simple

[Global] section parameters

  • responseTimes [0|1] - should script retrive reponseTimes (unused right now)
  • customUptimeRatio - days, separated with minus sign - for what periods get uptime ratio
  • debug [0|1] - switches script in debug mode
  • HTML [0|1] - generate HTML output or not
  • bootstrap [0|1] - use or not

[Host] section parameters

  • apikey - API key (from Uptime Robot)
  • name - optional display name. Allows to overwrite friendlyName from Uptime Robot, which is used by default.

Typical usage

Enable HTML and bootstrap in config file (HTML = 1 in [Global] section), make script executable (chmod +x, add script to cron, redirect output to location readable by HTTP server.

*/30 * * * * ~/ > /tmp/pum.html && /bin/mv /tmp/pum.html /var/www/pum.html


GPL v2. See LICENSE file.

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