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Simple tool to watch and compare progress on security learning platforms such as or
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Tool to compare score on security learning platforms such as or between different users.


Security Score Compare is simple tool to watch and progress on security learning platforms such as or Dedicated to small groups of friends or colleagues from the same company.

Intended to run from cron, stores data to SQLite database. Easily configurable by editing YAML file.


  • Python 2.7
  • modules listed in requirements.txt


Configuration is performed by YAML configruation file, which can be specified by --config parameter. Example configuration is provided in example.yaml.

It has two main blocks: platforms and sqlite

The first one contains data about security platforms - how to get the score and which user data to fetch.

The second one contains SQLite file location.


  • clone this repository

  • pip install -r requirements.txt

  • adjust config file (see example.yaml)

  • run the script with --dryrun (-d) option

  • if everything goes well, add to crontab

  • create database with following schema:

    CREATE TABLE score ( timestamp default current_timestamp, platform text, nick text, score integer );

  • To draw a chart for rootme platform and last 7 days: -p -t 7 -P rootme -o /var/www/7_days_rootme.png


Help is always welcome, so clone this repository, send pull requests or create issues if you find any bugs.


See LICENSE file

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