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CovidTracker [data and charts]

You can find on this repository many charts and data about Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease, especially in Europe. Most of data come from CSSE (Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering), but I also add data of my own to have up-to-date data.

French data come frome INSEE (Institut National des Statistiques et des Études Économiques) and Santé Publique France.

For more information and comments in French, you can follow me on Twitter: @guillaumerozier.

CovidTracker: Covid19 Dashboard

This dashboard ontains many and detailed graphs, comments and articles about France and the World! Check it out now: CovidTracker (!

Website sources

You can find sources of some of the CovidTracker's webpages here: covidtracker-tools.


Please see the imports in each Jupyter Notebook. Nothing crazy.
Here are the main requirements: Python3, Plotly, Orca, Pandas, requests, imageio, json... (you can install all of them with pip3)

Repository structure

    └───france  ->  Jupyter Notebooks and their corresponding .py files generating france charts
    └───world  ->  Jupyter Notebooks and their corresponding .py files generating world charts
└───server -> scripts that updates data
└───data  ->  datasets from CSSE, WHO, INSEE, and more.
│   │   total_cases_csse.csv  ->  CSV file containing total confirmed cases from CSSE.
│   │   total_deaths_csse.csv  ->  CSV file containing total deaths from CSSE.
│   │   total_cases_perso.csv  ->  my own data containing latests confirmed cases (to update charts earlier).
|   |   total_deaths_perso.csv  ->  my own data containing latests deaths (to update charts earlier).
|   |   data_confirmed.csv  ->  exported cases dataset after merging other datasets.
|   |   data_deaths.csv  ->  exported deaths dataset after merging other datasets.
|   |   info_countries.json  ->  information about countries (e.g. population).
|   |   Please ignore everything else
    └───charts  ->  world charts (linear axis).
        |   * Lot of charts! *
        └───logy_axis  ->  world charts (log axis).
        |   * Exactly the same charts, but whith a log y axis *
        └───france  ->  french charts.
            |  * Lot of charts and gifs! * 

Data Sources

You can find 2 datasets:

  • Data downloaded from CSSE. Data come from WHO (World Health Organization).
  • INSEE (Institut National des Statistiques et des Études Économiques)
  • Santé Publique France.
  • Personal data (added manually).

If you have any question or feedback please ask me by email or on Twitter.


License MIT. Please see

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How does COVID-19 spread around the world? Charts, data, dashboards and interpretations...







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