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Default Template

docco.jst and docco.css comprise the default Docco template, which outputs ready-to-go HTML files for you to upload to you webserver.

You can use the default template simply by invoking Docco

docco src/*.coffee

Pagelet Template

pagelet.jst and pagelet.css output HTML that can be incorporated into an existing DOM.

If you are running from the docco directory

docco src/*.coffee -t resources/pagelet.jst -c resources/pagelet.css

...will generate a custom output of a CSS file that contains only the syntax highlighting styles, and HTML files describing the sources.

  • Each page emits a <ul class="sections"> element that contains all of the sections of generated HTML, for both the docs and highlighted code.
  • If there is more than one source input, a <ul class="file_list"> will be emitted, containing information about the source path and html page path for each source.
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