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This project contains several related applications to analyse fitness data:

Icon ConnectStats

ConnectStats is an application for iOS (iPhone or iPad) that allows display, statistics and graphs on sports activities recorded with a garmin device or strava. This application is quite mature and available on the app store and has a home page

ConnectStats relies on a server with the implementation here

Icon FitFileExplorer

In addition to ConnectStats this project contains the companion app FitFileExplorer.

FitFileExplorer is a mac os utility to view Fit File content.

Additional component

A few component of ConnectStats have been made available as open source packages:

  • FitFileParser is the implementation of the generic Fit File parsing library in swift.
  • RZUtils contains the implementation of the statistics and graphs used by the app.

To build and run the app locally

  • run pod install
  • copy and edit with your own keys the file credentials.sample.json as credentials.json. Note that if you do not provide any keys you will only be able to use the Garmin Service from the web site and not Strava or ConnectStats server.
  • open ConnectStats.xcworkspace